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Like an Angel With Clip-On Wings

Flaunting My Self Control

Smarter Than a Monkey, Cheaper Than a Robot.
31 July 1971
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I am a guitar playing computer geek system administrator with a wife & two kids in Michigan and I am probably the oldest person on LJ. When I'm not at work or playing with my kids I try and pick up my guitar and rock out. I like my coffee like I like my women: strong and bitter. But I like one woman specifically, and her name is Angie: the cello diva. For five years I was in a band called Signal Trip that has played all over the Grand Rapids area. Now I'm in a new band called Saltmine Canary with my wife and a friend of ours. I also have two of the greatest kids on planet Earth:

I'm a Christian and an American; flawed enough to not cast stones and lucky enough to not have to duck any thrown at me. Politically I am anti-liar. When politicians lie, vote them out. I believe that God made you unique, and I can respect that. You are you. I am me. Freedom is a beautiful thing. I am also a member of the reality-based community.

I am not on LJ to pick up women or to start e-romances. There are enough creepy old farts on the Internets for that and I really don't have the time, effort, or desire to be another one.

LJ Testimonials:

ranger_rick: "Are you smoking crack over there?"

pinkdove80: "Geez you sicko!"

eleven_eleven: "maybe, just maybe, you're an even bigger idiot than you appear to be."

weareallcode: "Shut the hell up you anal retentive bastard of a person."

doc_neuro: "Well then I poop on you too."

mindwindow: "Are you a male?"

mr_lunch: "I knew you were stupid, but I had no idea you were this out of it."

thelostdialogue: "I f*cking hate your snide comments, and you obliviously feel the need to provide them."

I am a news junkie. If you aren't informed about what is going on in the world then you must not be interested. There are plenty of reliable outlets for information:

The Christian Science Monitor, BBC News, The Washington Post, National Public Radio, Wired Magazine, Slashdot, and if you have to watch cable news there is CNN.

Wanna see where me and my e-friends are? Check out this global map.

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