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Respeck Knuckles

Ah, Autumn

We have a municipal yard waste dump on my fair city of Wyoming, Michigan. I am more than happy that my property taxes help fund it because with my insanely large oak tree, two maple trees, and neighbor's trees, I end up filling 120 of those tall paper yard sacks. It's impossible to imagine finding another place to legally dispose of that many leaves.

Right now the race is on to the end of November when we can assume that at any moment snow, or a good freeze, will make the remaining leaves stick to the ground until April. Because of the dump I can keep reusing the same 15 paper sacks and so far I've delivered 45 bags to the dump. Yes, that's just over one third for the season. That means I have to deliver at least 18 bags a week to the dump to stay on schedule.

A funny thing about going to the dump. I have a Toyota Echo and I've found ways to pack it full of leaf bags. When I show up there are usually mini vans and guys raking leaves from the back of their pickup trucks when I start unpacking the car. After the the fourth bag they often stop and stare at me and I know what they are thinking. So I'll look and say, "Nine bags. That's how many I can put into the Clown Car at one time."

I think what I'm trying to say is this, guys you have to make your own fun even when it comes to large seasonal chores.


The city will pick up bags of leaves the first Saturday of December. But I average 120 bags and that is a lot to store until that one day a year. The dump is only 2.5 miles from my house so it isn't a problem.