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Respeck Knuckles

Happy V.D.

Our five year old daughter, Veronica, made a Valentine card last night without asking us how to spell anyone's name. The first line is supposed to say "Love":

Yesterday we had the parents of a friend pitch us on joining Amway Quixtar. The missus was pretty diplomatic and said that instead she would rather focus on expanding her "cello business."

Then I had to head to downtown Grand Rapids to St. Andrew's cathedral for the "Rite of Election and Call to Continuing Conversion." Basically I am now officially joining the Catholic church during the Easter vigil. The place was packed with people from all over the diocese that are joining the church with their sponsors and people from the parishes that were presenting us to the Apostolic administrator. Yes, we have no bishop, so I was presented to someone else. But my 11 year relationship with the Church of Rome is about to be officially formalized.


That just brought tears to my eyes :o) So sweet.
Veronica is always writing. For about four months we've been playing the "What letter does this word start with" game. She sounds it out and is pretty good at getting the first letter of a word correct.

And she is pretty dang sweet.
All of a sudden, I don't feel so bad today.
Why? Because of the Amway pitch or the card?

The card is great.
She was very proud of the cards she was making so I had to share one. On some of her cards she was trying to write "Peso" just so the dog would be included.
Ahhh. That's really too sweet.
AWW!!! That picture is so sweet!! I can't wait to have kids!!

Last I heard Quixtar was being heavily investigated...friends tried to get me to join several years ago...let's say I'm not a sucker.

Amway is headquartered about 20 miles from where I live, and the founders have really done a lot for the community. But everyone in my area knows a dozen people that can hook them up with that stuff, and I don't do sales. Especially when friends are the ones you are supposed to hit up first. I don't have enough friends where I can turn some off by asking them to work for (or purchase from) my "independent business." We honestly thought these people wanted to stop by and see the kids, but they sprang this on us instead.
Yeah, I have some really good friends who tried to recruit us. They did the whole "no TV" etc thing and were constantly out helping people start their business. I don't do sales either...just not meant to be a sales person, you know??
I don't like asking the missus for money, much less anyone else.
too cute...i bet that gets fridgerator door honors :c)
I'm also going to mail some to my parents so they will send the kids "guilt gifts." Yes, I am sometimes a bad person for exploiting the cuteness of my children.